Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kenzie's Tangled Birthday Party

My dear daughter is in love with the movie Tangled.  I'm in love with the movie Tangled.  Who isn't?  So when it was time to pick out a birthday party theme for her, guess what it was??  Tangled!  I think every little girl this year is having a Rapunzel themed birthday.  It's such a fun movie and there are a million different ideas to go along with it.  We started by creating this invite for her:

Yes, it had more info on it, but the world doesn't need to see it.  Then we decided to do her party at dusk.  That way we could have twinkle lights, and floating lanterns.  The lantern scene is one of my favorites from the movie, and it is just breathtakingly beautiful.  Kenzie's favorite scene is where Rapunzel and Flynn go into town and the little girls braid her hair.  So for favors, we made braids of hair (out of yarn) and attached them to rubber bands for all of the girls.  We added bows and silk flowers to them.  For the boys, we had painters pallets of watercolors since Rapunzel loves to paint.  We can't have a party without balloons, so we added lots of those.  Kenzie was so excited that I splurged on a helium tank, that she didn't take her balloons off of her wrist almost the entire night!

We started the day with a little pre-party photo shoot.  My girl only turns 5 once!  I want to capture it and remember it!

On the Disney family website, they have awesome printables and crafts like this 3D Pascal.  We also made a 3D Rapunzel and Maximus too. They also have craft ideas, and we found a cool one to make Pascal party blowers.  The kids and adults had a blast making these.  We also used lots of yellow streamers to represent Rapunzel's hair, and found some cool flag printables we used to make banners.

All of those animation classes at Disney's Hollywood Studios are paying off!  I drew this for a hit-Flynn-over the-head-with-a-frying-pan-game.

I found cupcake topper printables and punched holes in them to put them on the straws.  This would help us identify each person's drinks from the next.

Our awesome Jello Boats! 

As it got darker, it just got prettier and prettier!

Can't have a Disney cake without some hidden Mickeys!

It was marshmallow and s'mores time!

And our "grand finale" was the floating lanterns!  They are beautiful and the kids were so excited that it was "just like the movie", so I won't tell you that ours really didn't float.  I think it is because it is so hot down here in FL, and they really need cooler air to take off.  We also tied a string on ours like a kite b/c there is some serious fire in those things.  We think the neighbors would like to keep their houses intact.  Dan and I may or may not have let one go without a string before the party and had to follow it in the car to make sure it landed safely.  They are gorgeous though, and I have a secret wish to go out on the beach and let a bunch go at one time. 

Five years went by way too quickly!  I love you my sweet baby girl!

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