Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's time for another I Heart Faces photo challenge.  Only this week, the focus is on the hands and not the face.  It is amazing to me how many images I take that focus on the hands, and they are as varied as can be.  I'll have to share some more in another post because some of them are truly inspirational.  Since I am only allowed one pic in this post (contest rules), I chose my favorite of the bunch. 

This is one from Kim & Danny's engagement session that we did over the summer.  I love the blues and the greens together (and not just because they are our studio colors - but that is a bonus), but it just makes for a super pretty picture.  Another bonus for me is that her really cool non-traditional engagement ring is made of sapphires.  It just makes the entire color palette pop!

So some may wonder why on earth would I photograph a ring on top of a pear.  Well, it looks cool!  Plus, it is super important to capture all of the details when it comes to photoshoots b/c a lot of time, effort, and meaning go into those details.  Take this picture for instance.  There is a little story behind the ring, and the picture, and the pear:  Kim has 2 children born in September, and her fiance has 1 child also born in September.  As a symbol of the blending of their families, they chose this ring with 3 rows of sapphires - one for each child.  Danny's family has a farm that they have worked really hard on all summer long, and it comes complete with chickens, cows, and a small pear orchard.  When it came time to do these pictures, we thought, "How cool would it be to photograph it out there?"  It's a place full of meaning, family, and love.  That pear literally represents the fruits of their labors.  Taking the time to get to know them, to understand this, and represent it in a photograph has made me a better photographer.  Try it some time!

A bit of advice once given to me:  If you are not close enough, your pictures will be void of emotions and sentiments.  Always get closer. 

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