Saturday, October 15, 2011

Differentiated Photography

Differentiated?  What's that?  Well, it's this fancy word I had to learn while I was earning a fancy degree that I am proud to have but don't use.  It just means different.  Different forms of photography in this case.  I posted a hand picture earlier this week and wanted to post more of them because - 1) They are awesome and 2) They look crazy all put next to one another.  There is everything from landscapes to worship, to teeth, flowers, and brand new babies.  Our hands tell important stories about us and where we have been.  Some of us (ME) even talk with our hands. 

It's an awesome reminder that it is great to focus on the details and the little things in life.  Details are important.  Photography isn't always about the smiles and eyes and faces.  Go out and take the time to look around you and gather in your surroundings.  See the details that make life matter.  And go kiss your loved ones!  

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