Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I have done this week...

Oh the things I do for a picture!

I crawl on the floor.
I roll on the ground.
I ruin good clothes.
I climb trees, chairs, giant mushrooms, and anything that generally looks unsafe, or as if it will possibly break under my weight.
I get eaten alive by bugs - yellow flies and mosquitos most recently.
I skip meals, get up before dawn, go to bed after dark, and edit pictures til my eyes are bloodshot.
I make faces, make silly noises, put toys on my head, and generally make a fool of myself. 
Yet, I enjoy it.  All of it.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!

This week we have been able to experience new places, people and pictures.  We have traveled and I have done it without panic attacks and xanax, but with some moodiness still.  We have put our cameras through the works and might have possibly ruined our D90 and my favorite zoom lens.  :(  Sand is not a friend to camera equipment.  We have done what we can with it and hope that Nikon can clean it up. 

We have seen the Gulf and the Atlantic and ancient buildings.  We have waded in rivers, met up with alligators (ya, those pics didn't come out clear lol), and photographed at night, in the rain, without a tripod.  Yup.  LOVE the D3.  I have said a million times this week how much I love the 50mm lens and also how much I hate it! I need a zoom or a wide angle, and I have nice ones sitting at home.  My excellent Nikon 18-200mm is covered in sand from a friggin storm, so I have vowed not to touch it while it sits locked away in a bag -  leaving me to photograph everything with the 50mm.  Grrrr... Yes, the bokeh is amazing.  Yes, I can shoot in really low light with it.  No, I can't get that entire building in the picture.  No, I am not getting closer to the gator.  In fact I am going in the opposite direction from the gator. 

Went fabric shopping and found new things for the studio.  Also got a tie for an upcoming special.  I have discovered the joys of shooting with CF cards and getting 9 frames per second.  I have also discovered the aggrivation  joy of trying to import the pics from them onto a card reader and then onto the computer.  Hate that I can't post instant pics to the internet.  LOVE Hate AT&T and how my calls get dropped everywhere - even when I am right next to the AT&T store and tower while on the phone to my doctor about a severe allergic reaction.  Not to the afore mentioned bugs, but to medicine.  And then to poison oak a few days later - meaning I am having to rethink my graduation shots.  Oh yeah.  I am officially a college graduate (again).  I earned a Master's of Education with a 4.0.  Yup.  I have lots of education under my belt.  (More than I want to admit.)  And you know what?  All I really want to do with it is roll around on the ground and take pictures.  YES!

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