Friday, May 6, 2011

The beautiful red head strikes (a pose) again.

While trying to round up the men for a few family graduation pictures, Kenzie and I stared at each other in boredom.  What's a photographer to do with a pretty little girl in a pretty dress?  Well, grab a camera and take some pictures of course!!

It's so frustrating funny that my daughter loves the camera now and my son hates it.  They used to be exact opposites.  Drew was my go to guy for testing lighting and ideas.  Plus he's super cute.  But some how he grew up and got busy.  He's too busy for pictures and would much rather play video games, dance, run, or watch tv.  I miss my little model.  I hope it's a phase he'll grow out of, but I certainly won't try to force it on him.  I might try some good old fashioned bribery.  Why must they grow so fast?

I can remember when my kids each got their first freckles.  Yes, we used to sing songs about their new friend the freckle.  Then when they started to get more, we would count them each week.  For several years we could keep track of the freckles.  All of a sudden, my Kenzie Kay got a sprinkling of freckles all across her nose and cheeks!  Now there are too many to count.  Look how beautiful they are though.

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