Monday, April 25, 2011

Pet Week

I always have all these wonderful ideas in my head of lengthy blog posts I want to write, photo tutorials, and photoshop before and after examples.  But I'm pooped.  The children are taking up about 95% of my time and our dogs are taking up another 4%.  That means I'm spending that remaining 1% sleeping and trying to squeeze in photography.  Yup.  That's it.  It's bad when even other moms start asking me, "When do you sleep?"  Well, I don't know.  And here I am yet again with no sleep.  (This time it's thanks to sick children.  Asthma is dangerous when combined with bronchitis.)  So my lengthy posts about the photography business and editing ideas are out the window.  Hopefully I can revisit it on a day when I have gotten all 40 of my winks.

Add to this a ton of computer problems, and I think Monday just smacked me in the face.  My old, ancient laptop that I LOVE has Vista on it.  It needs to come off and be replaced with Windows 7.  Only I can't find the disk for one of my photo editing programs, and it is too expensive to lose it.  So I keep dealing with crashes and the slowness of it all while being frustrated.  Then my hubby went to install Adobe Lightroom on here, and I don't have enough space to do it.  It all needs to be wiped clean and then I can start over. 

So in the meantime, I have been using the hubby's computer.  (Much to his disliking.)  Well, it turned on and gave me an internal drive error!!! DOH!!!  No idea why.  Dan pulled the hard drive out and it is working properly, so all of our pics and everything else is safe.  Whew!  (And yes, we do back up everything - multiple times.  But still!)  Only my hubby can usually fix these sort of problems pretty quickly.  It's one of his hobbies.  However, this one has him stumped.  Fingers crossed he can get it taken care of so I have access to Lightroom again by the end of the week.  Thanks Monday for a great start to the week.

Of course one way to cheer up is to look at beautiful pics of puppies!  How can anyone be frustrated or upset when you look at these faces?  Yes, it is that time of the week for another photo challenge.  I am determined to win one of these things!!  In a house with 4 dogs, there is no shortage of pet photographs.  And yes, some of them have come and gone, so if you count you'll see more than 4.  And a few were just visiting.  Oh how I miss my fury babies in heaven!  They are all certainly my best friends.

So which one is a winner?

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