Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Beautiful Family

I just love it when families put complete faith in me and let me do my own thing.  Not that I don't welcome input from our customers, but sometimes that input gets out of control.  Since those people aren't photographers, they don't always know what looks best on the other side of the camera.  Sigh.  Thank goodness I haven't had to deal with that in some time. Instead, I've been getting wonderful people who take direction well, and who do their own thing naturally in front of the camera well.  When this happens, it's like a bit of pixie dust get sprinkled on the session, and we get gorgeous pictures as a result.  This family is one of those great ones.  They were wonderful.  Their children were wonderful.  And everyone in this family is just down right good looking.  What more could a photographer ask for?

Well one thing I would have liked was for my stinkin' flash to fire remotely like it's supposed to.  I had too much interference that morning, and I think it was also due to the fact that it was morning.  I love to shoot in afternoon light, but the crazy tornado spawning weather the day before made that impossible.  I was nuts checking the weather on my computer every hour in the hopes that we would get a break and have a gorgeous sunset burst through the clouds.  Instead it got more ominous as the day went on.  We were lucky to reschedule for the next morning, but in a park without a lot of shade, that means a lot of light and some squinting.  Even in the darkness of the hundred year old banyan tree, there was too much light to get my camera talking to the flash (Doh!).  When I came home, I had to investigate, and I think my best bet is going to be to get a remote to help fire the flash.  I'll add it to my never-ending list of photo supplies that I want/need for the business.

The other cool thing that I have learned with this shoot is how to do an effect that is similar to Lucis Art.  It's like HDR Photography meets a sketch, or a crayon, or colored pencil rendering.  It is a seriously cool effect and totally addicting!!!!  I want to do this to all my pictures now.  Well, almost all of them.  I am going to create a few posts just on this technique in the future (I hope).  So without further ado, here is my really cool Lucis Art, and some beautiful family photography with stunningly good looking subjects. 

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