Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

Well, we didn't do well last week at all.  Of course the most beautiful faces and pictures won!  I guess there's no room for a sense of humor when the contest is based on the popular vote.  (Ok, the winners were REALLY, really good.)  The good news for me is this week it's back to normal, and the judges over at iheartfaces get to pick this week's winners.  So fingers crossed, we'll get a little further this week! 

This week's theme is shadows!  I wasn't going to use my Kenzie Kay again, but after trying to do this with all of us in the family, hers turned out the best.  I think it's because the rest of us have dark brown eyes, and she has these beautiful green eyes that are just amazing.  So here's my pic for the week!