Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Trunk, Some Vintage Flair, & a Handsome Logan

I am always looking for props to use in the studio.  They are essential when working with little kids!  Usually, the best shots are when the kids are interacting with the props and not when they are looking at the camera.  Although, moms and dads love big 'ole grins too!  So when I saw this trunk on the side of the road at a garage sale, I yelled for my husband to stop the minivan and pull over.  It came home with us, and while I am running out of room to store stuff, it looks great in pics!  Much to my surprise, little Logan came with the perfect vintage outfit to go with it.  Add in some quilts and some vintage photoshop techniques, and viola!  I'm in love!

  We threw in some easter pics too, and really put this lil man to work!  He was a good sport for almost all of it.  He's so much fun and I can't wait to get him back in the studio again. 
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