Monday, March 7, 2011

Ramblings, Bags, and Business

So Dan and I are working on some new business strategies and we will be making changes to the business soon.  We've had a great business plan and idea in our heads for a while and we've  been working our way towards implementing them.  I feel like we've finally made it to the next step in our business, and we are ready to make over everything to help us accomplish this.  I wish I could jump right on it now, but I have three weeks left to finish my degree and a large paper looming over my head tonight. 

I find myself writing this post at 1 am in the morning because I am tired of looking at all the boring research on differentiated instruction and nontraditional students not completing college.  I find myself sidetracked by blogs with beautiful photography, and even found Studio 222's old blog.  Some of their earlier work is just as beautiful as their new work.  You can see growth in their personal style, but they are great photographers inside and out.  It drives me nuts because I look at my earlier work and think I just need to chuck it in the recycle bin on my computer.  Some of it I love for different reasons, but most of it needs a lot of work done on it.  The one good thing that I can honestly say about all of this is that we all have to start somewhere, and I am improving my skills every time I photograph.  I work at my craft and strive to excel at it and accomplish more and more.  I hope that our new business plan will help us accomplish this!

Of course, no business revamp is complete without some shopping, so I want to share some of the items I've been lusting over.  As I've previously mentioned, a new website is one of them, but I haven't decided on one yet.  I have an idea in my head of what I want, and I am going to do a lot of research to get it as close to that as possible in reality. 

Also, I don't have a bag big enough for all of my gear.  I tend to shove things (like expensive lenses) in my pockets when out an about, and I've decided that it's time to do something about that.  Again, I'm still weighing my options, but here are a few of the cool bags I'm looking at:

These are awesome, and I want this Paris bag in the purple shown in the pic.  They are a bit pricey, but I've paid more for purses that I've only used for a few months at a time.  Plus, if I'm going to put a camera that's worth more than my car in something, then I want a bag I can trust.

A few other quick fix bags for toting lenses around on shoots are the shootsac- which you can see a glimpse of in the above pic -
 and this low(er) budget version:

I love that this one can be customized even more that the shoot sac and it's about $100 cheaper!
The Epiphanie bag and the shootsac bags have different purposes, which means I may just have to get one of each!  We'll see how well the hubby goes for that strategy... 

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