Sunday, December 18, 2011

Landscape Saturday Night

My hubby is usually THE BOMB when it comes to landscape portraits.  No joke.  I will take 20 trying to get the camera settings just right and none of them will look awesome.  He will take 1 that will blow me out of the water.  Seriously.  Most of our contest entries for magazines and art galleries are his landscape shots.  (Now just don't ask him to photograph a baby.  That's a whole nother story.) 

SOOooooo, I was really surprised and proud of myself when I imported these on the computer today.  - My daughter's dance school moved into a new building that is on the outskirts of town.  Every week when we go, I think to myself that the landscape would make for pretty pictures, but we are always running around like crazy.  I have never bothered to try to photograph it.  Then this week was their last week of class, the one where they do a little performance for the parents.  Naturally, I brought a camera.  On the way into ballet on Tuesday, I was blessed with this awesome sunset:

I saw how pretty the sky was and just snapped a couple (yes 2, not 20) pics on my way in.  This one is pretty much straight out of camera - I had to convert it from a raw file to a jpeg.  But other than that, this is exactly how the sky looked.  Oh so pretty! 

Then on Thursday, we pulled up to see the sun just breaking through the overcast sky.  It made those awesome rays coming down, and I always think of them as God's rays.  I think some people call them God's fingers, but whatever they are, I think they are heavenly.  It makes me warm and fuzzy inside when I see them.  So naturally, I had to snap a picture of that! 

Amazing!!  I love it!  Again, it only took me a couple of shots to get this.  (Happy, warm & fuzzy sigh.)  Can I just say I love my camera and I love being able to capture beauty with it?

Well, happy Saturday night.  Oh - well happy Sunday morning now.  LOL.  It's close enough right!?

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  1. Oh how I love the orange and blue sky!! You said it yourself... Lol!!!