Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesi & Jacob - Maternity Session

I love these two.  They are awesome.  That is all.

Ok, well there is more too it than that, but I really do love them!  They sent me a link of a country themed maternity session a while back, and we totally ran with the idea.  I love how pulled together and coordinated they are, and everything ties in perfectly with the theme.  I also love that they totally let me do my "thing" and it works!  They are so willing to do whatever goofy and crazy thing I ask of them.  It was super windy this day, and it even rained on us a bit.  I was worried that we weren't going to get to shoot, and even though we had a few wardrobe malfunctions, and a lot of hair smoothing thanks to the weather, it turned out great.  I haven't laughed and had that much fun on a session in a while!  

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