Monday, January 2, 2012

Silly Holiday Photos

Out of all of the holiday photos I've taken, there are two that stand out as taking the cake for making us laugh until we cried. 

The first is of our puppy, Hershey.  She came to us last year on Christmas day and we got pictures of her in a box in front of the tree.  I decided to do the same shoot this year to show how much she has grown and changed.  Well right when I took the picture, she blinked.  That combined with her patch of white fur made her look like an old wiseman sitting on top of the mountain handing out fortunes!!  There is no way you can look at this picture and not laugh:

But the one that really wins this year's prize is the one of my son taunting Santa.  Yes, only my son would do this!  He is SOOOOO lucky that he didn't get a lump of coal for Christmas because he totally deserved it! 

Here is a little background story before I post the picture:  My son is ADHD and has several sensory issues.  He doesn't do well with strangers, new places, changes, loud noises, etc.  Christmas seems to be all of those things wrapped into one.  We never know what to expect from him because sometimes he can seem downright normal, and other times he can be completely crazy.  This was a completely crazy night. 

We went to this place in Sarasota called Jungle Gardens to go see their light show and meet up with Santa.  My daughter was more than thrilled to gaze in awe at all the lights and then get to meet Santa!  She was as excited as Buddy the Elf as she sat in his lap and listed all the toys she wanted to open on Christmas Day.  My son on the other hand took one look at Santa and decided he was something to be feared - as if he was a giant spider from some low budget horror movie. 

Well, in a big wide open space, what does a scared kid do?  He runs.  And boy can he run.  Since we were the last ones of the night, Santa gave chase.  Seriously.  LOLOLOL.  I was not expecting that.  I guess he knew that we really wanted pictures (I was toting around my ginormous camera through all of this), and I suppose he thought he was good enough with kids that he could bribe him with candy canes and candy.  But Santa met his match that night.  As he tuckered out yelling, "I am not going to chase you!!" and stopped to catch his breath, my son turned around and gave him this SMIRK.  The smirk that says a thousand bad things. 

Oh I need the song "I'm getting nothing for Christmas" to be playing right about now...


  1. Hyterical! What a memory for your family.

  2. Great photos. Santa does look kind of creepy, I think I would run too!

  3. Lol! Drew looks like he is surrounded by wild animals and Santa!! I would have ran, too!