Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall is in the Air

I swear that I take pictures of other people and other people's children.  Honest.  I really do.  But Kenzie is such a beautiful child and so willing to be in front of the camera, I just can't help myself.  Normally, when I get these great big ideas in my head and want to do themed or styled sessions, I have only a few willing participants.  Many people are traditionalists, and want traditional portraiture.  I am slowly convincing clients to come over to my way of thinking, and the more that I do, the better my sessions get. 

I just adore getting to be creative and think of all the ways to capture the essence of a person.  This session is a perfect example!  Kenzie and I played all sorts of games - Simon says ("Simon says touch your hat", "Simon says blow the flowers at me"), peek-a-boo with leaves, and "let's see who can throw the leaves the highest in the air".  We had so much fun doing it that she (almost) forgot she was in front of the camera.  The end result is this beautiful collection of fall images that I will cherish forever.  I hope to create more images like these and to convince others to let me do the same. 

So happy photographing, happy playing, and have a happy fall!  


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