Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Splendor

Living in Florida (especially southwest Florida) means fall, leaves, changing, and autumn are really things we read about.  Yes, it was 90 degrees again today, and we are halfway through November!!  I have to admit it is better than it was over the summer, but we are SOOO ready for cooler weather.  I am also SUPER jealous of all the awesome pics my photographer friends have been posting from around the globe - you know the kind: The ones where the leaves are all amazingly yellow, red, and orange.  It just doesn't doesn't seem real to me.  So when we decided to head out to do a fall themed shoot, I tried to look for some real leaves.  LOL.  I know, crazy right.  The oak trees are all still green.  But we did find a couple of trees down the street from out house that had dropped all their ginormous leaves, and I was blessed with this picture of my Kenzie Kay playing peek-a-boo with me.  Ahhh....fall in FL. 


  1. What a gorgeous shot! I love her eyes!

  2. beautiful pic, fantastic leaf! we don't have leaves like that where i live...totally jealous!

  3. Look at the size of that leaf!! Love the colours, so rich and beautiful.