Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Smedleys

I probably should title this "My other family".  When I was growing up, my best friend was Jennifer Smedley - aka Smed, aka the evil blonde twin.  I was the evil dark twin and we were attached at the hip.  Literally, we went everywhere together.  We were in band together, classes together, ate together - you get the idea.  Then we went to seperate colleges and our lives took off in opposite directions.  Now she lives in Germany, so we really don't get to see much of each other!  But she came home to visit, and for the first time in a crazy long time, her entire family was together.  I was very excited when they asked me to come out.  So photographing them was fun.  It was like seeing family again.  Of course some of my favorite photos are the "outtakes" - where the siblings are all picking on each other.  They are a riot.  I snuck one in just so you could see.  Great fun!

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