Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Organic Bloom Frames

I had started this post a while ago and didn't have a chance to finish it.  Well, now I have a big reason to finish it!!  Our studio has teamed up with the fabulous Organic Bloom to bring our customers the most amazing frames I have ever seen.  Everything else just pales in comparison.  Really!  These are the most creative, colorful, and beautiful frames, and they fit our style of photography PERFECTLY!

I wanted to introduce everyone to the frames, so I grabbed a few pics off of their facebook page when I started this post.  Then I put in an order for my studio samples, and they are here!!  So excited!  So here are my pics of their frames - I only snapped a few in my excitement the other day, but they are totally cool.  Go check out their webpage and their store - They sell exclusively through professional photographers, so if you see something you like - contact me.  I'll be happy to order it for you.  Contact me for complete price lists.

I know the FedEx man was cursing us when he had to drop this off and climb our stairs.  LOL.  I could not believe the box was as big as I am!

I was unpacking the frames and so excited.  They are so much larger than the opening hole.  So these are 8x8's and an 8x10, and they are bigger than my weenie dog!

I specifically ordered this frame for this stunning picture of Kenzie.  The print is a metallic 11x14, and the frame measures a full 2 ft x 2 1/2 ft.  It's huge and impressive and I love it!

Here's all of my samples!  I haven't decided whether I am going to hang them in the studio or see about getting them displayed else where.  Decisions, decisions!

More Inspiration and Samples from their site and other photographers:

My dream studio!  I love the white with all of the colors.  It's like a kid in a candy store!

Check out all the amazing colors and frame options!

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