Friday, March 9, 2012

Solutions Bridal IFAC Contest

Why do you want to attend IFAC?

I want to go for so many reasons!  The first is that it is for a good cause that has hit close to home.  A few years ago, I lost my grandmother to this horrible disease.  IFAC is a way that I can honor her memory in a positive way.  It makes me feel like I am doing something to make a difference in the ongoing battle with cancer.
The second reason is that I am always trying to better myself as a photographer and really master my craft.  IFAC is the perfect opportunity to do this.  I was fortunate enough to attend last year, and I can’t say enough good things about this workshop.  My business and techniques grew by leaps and bounds over this past year because of what I learned and experienced last year at IFAC.
And lastly, it is so much fun!  I made a lot of connections with other awesome photographers and people who work in our industry.  I made friends and found mentors who have encouraged me along all year long.  Their relationships have been invaluable in terms of support on both the personal and business aspects of my life.  I really want to continue to build relationships like these.  Who wouldn’t?

Describe your personal photography style.

It’s a bit eclectic and it depends on the shoot and the clients.  We try to mix traditional poses with whimsical props, and a hint of photojournalism.

What keeps you inspired?
People!  It’s their love for each other, their love for children, their interests, their likes.  Other photographers inspire me every day with their creativity and talent.  Children inspire me with their wonder and awe and happy view of the world around them. 

So you’re doing a photo shoot. Here’s the catch, you can only bring ONE prop! What would it be? Why?

A blanket!  They are so versatile.  It really depends on the type of shoot I am doing, but it can be used for a backdrop, a prop, to sit on, to lie on, to wrap the subject in, and more.  I could probably list 20 ways to use it.

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