Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Images For A Cure Workshop - Orlando

Thanks to lots of lovely fans, clients, friends, and a sponsorship from Solutions Bridal in Orlando, I got to attend the Images for a Cure Workshop again in Orlando.  I learned so much last year when I attended!  - Everything from posing to pricing to lighting - I had lots of new information to improve my techniques.  I had some moments where I was so excited to know that other photographers struggle with the same issues I struggle with, and that I had similar success stories as them too.  

This year was similar.  I learned loads.  So much, that I can't even write it all down.  I have like 10 pages of notes in a notebook.  It was kinda like being in college again.  I had a bonus though.  I took my best friend and partner in crime - my hubby!  Last year he stayed home with the kiddos so I could go get my learning on, and he never heard the end of it.  I kept telling him all about this and that and who I met.  So this year, we signed him up too!  

I have to say that we made new friends and some great business connections.  Networking in this business is great!  I love finding other photographers who are so nice and so willing to share their techniques and insight.  And just having a friend who knows what we deal with on a daily basis is an added bonus.  In addition, my husband and I got motivated to get our butt in gear.  We have some plans that have been in the works for a while, and we have finally started the ball rolling.  I don't want to give away what they are - so you'll just have to hang around for the big reveal in a couple of weeks.  

Here's a look at some of the pics we took while we were there.

This years theme was all pink - so fitting for breast cancer research.  There were fabulous arrangements on each of the tables.

This year we were treated to a candy bar that was so pretty!  And yummy!  Those cupcakes were some of the best I have ever eaten.  

We still have candy at the house that the kids and I are munching on!

The Mezz is a gorgeous venue with really cool lighting in downtown Orlando.  You should see it on party light mode.  I want to attend a party there with the disco lights on. It was decorated fabulously.  BUT I do have to say this - as pretty as those chairs are - they are not made for chunky monkeys like me.  Sitting in that for 8 hours was torture by the end of the day.  Now I know how to make foreign spies give up information.  

Dude, we had to touch the chandelier.  I thought it was made out of plastic because I had never seen lead crystal like that before.  And yes, it was lead crystal.  No plastic in sight.  Gorgeous.  

Super star Kristen Weaver was a riot!  She is so insightful and funny!  I enjoyed every minute of her talking and teaching.

Melanie and Bradford Watson of  La Dolce Vita Studio.  

So all the pics of the guest speakers look the same.  I didn't want to get up and walk around with my prime lens.  I wanted to listen!  But I had to post stylist Melanie Pace too b/c she is gorgeous!  She looks like a mini Carmen Electra.

Joey Wright is an awesome photographer who brought along a bunch of gear to show us.  That is seriously the biggest umbrella I have ever seen.  And now I want one.  Dang it Joey!

Really horrible pictures of Kristen.  Sorry!  I learned a new way to focus my camera.  Seriously?  I have had that thing a year, and find out about all sorts of fanci-ness from another photographer sitting next to me.  So I had to test it out.  Kristen talks about the dangers of T rex arms.  LOL.  

She's so expressive and passionate about her work.  That's why brides and grooms love her.  That's why we all love her.  

Another photographer from Tallahassee below.  She was awesome.  And funny.  Must find her business card and friend her on fb.  

Me in the lobby of the Mezz!  I want to go do fabulous photo shoots there.  

This is the amazing Julie Paisley.  She's my new photography crush.  Her images are awesome and she is so full of energy.  She totally resonated with me.  Dan fell in love with Abby Liga and her images.  That's his new crush.  Now we will go stalk them on their blogs, fb, and twitter.  In good ways.  Promise.   

I hope to go back again next year and see how I have grown, how the business has grown, and to meet more fabulous photographers.  The experience was priceless.  Maybe I'll get to be a guest speaker in the future.  

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