Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things I have done this week..

Stared at my favorite pairs of Chucks (aka Converse low-top sneakers) sitting on my dresser unlaced like they have been for the passed month since I washed them.  Somehow the heat is preventing me from mustering up the energy to lace them up and wear them.  It's flip flop weather.

Conjured up some crazy ideas for themed photo shoots after being inspired by a few other amazing photographers.  I get these bugs in my head and won't rest until I accomplish them.  Which led me to...

Creating a disaster in my house while crafting projects to go with themed photoshoots.  The sewing machine and material have taken over the kitchen table and we've been eating off of tv trays.  There is everything from costumes to material to paint to props in every room in the house. 

Made my husband and his friend go drive several hundred miles to retrieve a carousel horse for me.  I live in a tiny house with a bunch of photography junk already crammed in here and now I have to find room for this too.  LOL. 

I created my first complete modeling portfolio. 

I spent 2 days photographing in 100+ degree weather and have the lobster sunburn to prove it. 

I updated my webpage all on my own and figured out things the tech help people didn't. 

I won a photo contest with my amazing picture of Mackenzie in the field of wildflowers and got free photo editing stuff and a photo book out of it!  Woo-Hoo!!

I've been inspired over and over again this week.  I hope it keeps leading me down the right path.

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