Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's here it for the boys!

I wasn't sure what picture to enter this week.  I was hoping to try to get shooting specifically for this challenge, but the hubby has had to work overtime this week.  My son is not always the most cooperative anymore, and only agreed to do this in exchange for some video game time!

I am always testing out new ideas, and I wanted to test a set for an event this weekend.  I also decided to turn off all the studio lights and just try for a little bit of window light.  The end result is fantastic!!  I love how this expression is just perfectly Drew.  This is his personality in a nutshell.  

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  1. Love the look on his face and his toes up on the box! Also loving the red white and blues. Great entry!

  2. A sweet thoughtful moment! Great patriotic background!