Friday, May 18, 2012

What We've Been Up To

I used to write posts titled "Things I Have Done This Week" - only it's been several weeks since I've had a chance to post!  I have had so much going on that I'll give you a peek into my life so you can see for yourself.  

I've had weeks where I have photographed at least every single day.  Sometimes two and three times a day.  I've had to edit on multiple computers and do client proofing on one screen and edits on another.  

I never, ever cook.  I don't really know how and I don't have time.  But I'm tired of eating junk and tired of spending money on eating out, so I got crazy and started cooking dinners.  Real Southern comfort food type dinners.  They are not going to help my waist-line at all.  But they are super yummy and affordable!

We are also trying to buy a house.  On a tiny budget.  We found one we like and fingers crossed, we might get it.  Here's some inspiration for us.  I have no idea where these pics came from (other than all over the web) - so sorry if you want to know the source.  These next few are not mine or Dan's photography!

We keep looking for cool, unique, and inexpensive ideas to decorate whatever home we end up getting.  Most of the homes are foreclosures and have been stripped from top to bottom and/or have a ton of damage that needs to be repaired.  So we are on a budget.  I am all about recycle/freecycle/upcycle - fun stuff.  Check out this super awesome floor tiled with pennies!!!  I think we are going to make an island with a countertop out of this!

More kitchen inspiration:

And after all the house stuff and editing, we've had the huge end of year Arcadia Dance Academy recital.  I wasn't fortunate enough to dance this year since we've been crazy, but did get to photograph all of it!

Here's my princess:

And the really adorable Little's Ballet!

Action shots:

And a sneak at all of the family sessions we've done just recently:

I have a wedding this weekend to photograph that I am really excited about too!  After that, I am taking a break.  No joke.  I'm gonna sleep, take my kids to the beach, and not stare at a computer screen all day and all night!

There's always more to come too.  Stay tuned!

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