Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warning: Lots of Pictures Ahead!

I have been a super busy girl, and I have been fortunate enough to photograph everywhere from Tampa, to Disney World, to Plant City, to Punta Gorda, and here in small 'ole Arcadia.  It has been fun and fabulous, and I have loads of pictures to share (and even more to edit and process at home).  The worst part in all of this is that I have been without internet for about a week.  Yuck!  I felt completely cut off from the world.  I couldn't drool over other photographers' pictures, I couldn't look up how to do certain edits in photoshop, I couldn't do my homework, and I couldn't play on facebook. Oh, the horrors of it all!  I have decided that internet is one of those things that I can never live without.  ;)

Now that the internet, and all order, has been restored in my life...I bring you these beautiful wedding pictures from Ashley and Will Free.  I love that they just let me do my thing, and I pretty much had free reign over their pictures.  They also did a first look before the wedding, and we were able to get some great bridal portraits before it got crazy.  It was a delight to work with them through the whole process! 

I think that I was able to get a good mix of formal portraits, fun candid shots, emotions, and details.  In a wedding, it's ALL about the details.  I love, love, love some of the facial expressions, shoe shots, and the funky camera angle while the couple was doing their first dance.  It caught a bubble that looked like a heart with no photoshop help at all.    The tired flowergirl is just precious, and I love the colors captured in that picture.  It was a wonderful wedding, and I wish Ashley and Will a lifetime of wedded bliss.


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