Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Muse

This is Tanya typing for those of you who haven't figured it out yet.  My husband loves to take pictures but hates to type, since he belongs to the hen-peck-at-the-keyboard-with-2-pointer-fingers-club.  So that leaves me to the typing and the weak efforts at being witty.  I figured I might as well clue you in on the secret, because I found myself mixing up my "I's" and "we's" several times in each of our posts.  It was so bad at one point, even I got confused.  I figured I would make my college English professor proud and try to keep all pronouns matching.  I can't guarantee much else though when it comes to grammar and such things.  ;)

On to photography related goodies...

Back in December, I had Kelly contact me about doing a few head shots.  Well it turns out that she would like to get into modeling and acting, and I would like to practice photography techniques on a person who can hold still longer than 2 seconds.  I am blessed to be able to photograph so many children and babies, but they are a challenge in their own right.  They require a certain skill and speed to be able to capture beautiful shots.  Many times, that leaves me relying on the same ideas, poses, and lighting that I know.  I am usually too scared to take the time to try out new things.  Especially when the little wiggle worms are old enough to get up and run!!  So here enters Kelly.  She will hold still and usually do it while I try out multiple setting on the camera, AND all while making a variety of facial expressions.  She was so much fun to work with, that we did another session a few weeks later that was completely different from this first one.  And we are going to do another one in the near future.  Here are a few of her more formal studio shots.  I think they are all lovely. 

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